Is Business Education Important?

As an educator of Business and Economics disciplines, I have become an ally for career and technical education for a mountain of reasons, but I do have a 'next level' passion for the area of business education. Teaching the different areas of business have allowed me several opportunities in education, corporate entities and government. In various educational institutions across the globe, business education is placed on a career specific pathway; in the US it is normally an elective course at the middle and high school levels. Naturally, core subjects such as Math, Science and English Language are placed at the highest level of importance in students' scholastic careers even though majority will not study these areas at the post secondary level. Mathematics and English Language are core for all subjects as they teach basic computational and comprehending skills; but, if this is not the general pathway for students' careers, why is there such emphasis placed on these areas?

What are the benefits of learning the disciplines of Business?

  1. It teaches entrepreneurial skills at an early age. Students with talent and skills, learn to monetise them and become business owners.

  2. Business Education is an umbrella for different areas within any business; exposure to different areas of business allow students to discover their strengths and weaknesses. Eg. An individual who is able to do brand marketing well, may not be able balance the accounts well and vice versa. Knowledge of this from an early age will allow individuals to hone skills they already have and improve those they are weak in.

  3. General growth in knowledge of the marketplace. Individuals will learn market saturation and growth possibilities for their areas. Eg. There are many car companies which includes but are not limited to Ford, Toyota, Honda etc. One would say the market was saturated, but, Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla decided to approach that same market with the same product "with a twist", his car was electric, in addition to other features therefore creating a new market out of an already "saturated" market.

  4. Many of the major companies in the US manufactures in other countries, and they import skills from other countries as not enough emphasis is placed on them in the country.

The above are just a few of the reasons, in my opinion, why greater emphasis needs to be placed on learning about business at the lower levels of students' scholastic careers. Many countries across the globe seeks to encourage business ownership for a number of economic reasons including satisfying consumer demand, reducing imports from other countries and increasing GDP. In order to satisfy these factors in any country, emphasis needs to be placed on these areas from the lower levels of education. Business Education is of extreme importance to maintain economic viability and production, self actualisation in the individual and growth in knowledge and awareness of economic decisions made by government.

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